About us

An eco-friendly company

About Biotero

A professional team, an innovative biological process that respects the environment and guaranteed results.

About us

Biotero is the first Canadian company specializing in topdressing and 100% organic seeding. It mainly works in densification and lawn repair services as well as in soil transformation. Its mission is to offer a new eco-friendly and effective solution in a field dominated by chemicals.


Our story

The idea of the Biotero company germinated in the mind of Philippe Goulet when he was the owner of one of the largest landscaping and outdoor maintenance companies in Lac-Beauport. Following the moratorium prohibiting fertilizers and pesticides near watersheds, his clients asked him for an alternative for their lawn. After research, he discovered this well known process in Europe and on golf courses. However, he realized that the production costs were very high and therefore very expensive for the customer. This is how he imagined the necessary machinery for the Biotero concept. An innovation in the field, by and for local people.


Our vision

Thanks to the complete design of its innovative service unit, it manages to maximize its production while improving its working methods. The recipe for our products and our application technique protected by industrial secrecy gives breathtaking results. Biotero offers three main services at competitive prices and accessible to all: lawn repair, advanced biological maintenance and seeding of new lawn.