BTX-160 Service Unit

Service unit

BTX-160: Innovation

A unique multifunctional trailer in the Biotero colors. Designed by and for local people.

100% Quebec. 100% organic.

Our president designed and built an impressive multifunctional trailer!

The idea of ​​the Biotero company germinated in the mind of Philippe Goulet when he was the owner of one of the largest landscaping and outdoor maintenance companies in Lac-Beauport. Following the moratorium prohibiting fertilizers and pesticides near watersheds, his customers asked him for an alternative for their lawn. After research, he discovered this well known process in Europe and on golf courses. By wanting to apply it, he realized that the production costs were very high and therefore very expensive for the customer. This is how he imagined the necessary machinery for the Biotero concept.

The multifunctional service unit is at the heart of the strategy developed by Biotero. It makes it possible to double and sometimes even more the daily production capacity, to facilitate its working methods and to offer a product at a competitive cost and accessible to all landowners.

Through its simple and logical concept, its know-how and its vision of the future, Biotero is the perfect example of a company that has solid foundations and is looking to the future.

An innovation in the field, by and for local people.

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